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"The greatest planner in the freaking universe is Lisa Mattera. Brooks and I had grand ideas for our wedding and very little time to put much into actual planning, Lisa was a GODSEND. She was chipper and hyper-organized and followed up with us when we’d clearly forgotten to do something (like, idk, pick a first dance song), she literally held our wedding together with gorilla glue. She asked us questions we hadn’t even considered (“how do you see the order of the wedding processional {we didn’t have a wedding party}” - “ummmm idk what should we do?”), she was so patient and so chill, our wedding guru. We cannot possibly recommend her more. She is the most amazing, organized, super communicator, answer wizard, most incredible planner we could’ve possibly dreamed up. To say we needed her and you do too is an under statement. She pulled off a STUNNING wedding with 4 different mini locations (around the property but who knew the DJ’s equipment has to be moved around, there needs to be various tables for people to set things on, heaters and chairs needed to be moved all about, a sofa area for non-dancers… - LISA, that’s who knows these things) and to boot, the weather situation was changing every 30 seconds in the days before. She was calm, she was fast, she had a plan c to every plan b, this woman has PLANS. They’re literally drawn out and she’s already communicated them to everyone involved before you finish reading this review. I can’t imagine our day going off as smoothly and beautifully without her. Stop looking for a planner, Lisa’s your gal. If you’re lucky enough to book her before everyone else does, that is!


- Sarah D.

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