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celebrations from the heart


planning a wedding or event?

Recently engaged, or planning a special event and starting to think through your celebration? The tasks on an event to-do list can seem manageable when taken one by one–when time is on your side; and yet those same details can quickly overwhelm as you try to weave them neatly together as the big day approaches. Sure, you can do it on your own—but you’ll be much happier if you let an event professional direct those event details for you.

you should enjoy your day


On your wedding day, you should be focused on two things: (1) truly being in the moment of celebration with your loved ones, and (2) enjoying yourself. Yes, it is possible to enjoy your wedding. However, monitoring vendors, directing room set-ups, and watching the clock to be sure things are flowing at the right pace will make it tough to do so.

Let me watch the clock and handle the details for you on your wedding day! 


"Lisa's dedication to making our day special was unprecedented.  She went the extra mile to recommend a judge to officiate and worked behind the scenes to create a smooth, joyous gathering."

- Laura & Nate

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